Video Library Update!

Librarian: Stanley Sartell
Librarian E-Mail:

The Video Library contains over 200 titles of how-to programs, tours of great model railroads, and a wide range of prototype videos. Many new titles have been added recently. These VHS Tapes and DVD's are available for checkout by members.

To view a list of titles, click HERE.

Process for Requesting Library Materials

  1. Review the Library index and select the items that you desire
  2. E-mail your request, including your name and the itemís title to the Division 3 Librarian
  3. The item(s) will be brought to the next General Membership Meeting
  4. All materials should be returned to the Librarian at the next General Membership meeting
  5. If not returned by the second meeting, an e-mail reminder or telephone call will be made to the member.

Review a video

vcr tapesWe are looking for volunteers to submit written reviews of the videos in the Division Library. No special qualifications are needed. Just check out a video, watch it, give us your written opinion - good, bad or indifferent - and you're an author! We'll publish the reviews in the Call Board as they're submitted, and eventually post them in the on-line database of the library! Contact the Librarian or any BOG member for more information.