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The Miami Valley Division is the host of The Dayton Train Show, held the first full weekend of November. For 2017 it will be held on November 4 and 5. The show is from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday. The show will be held in the former J C Penney's at the Upper Valley Mall, 1475 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield, OH. You can follow the train show by clicking Dayton Train Show to visit the train show web site or visit our facebook page at this location

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Venue for the 2017 Dayton Train Show Announced

The contract has been signed with the Upper Valley Mall and we are proceeding at notch 8 to put on the best DTS yet. This year's train show will be in the former J C Penney's. With this new location some of the crowding from last year's show will be eliminated. During the show there will be up to five food trucks parked outside one of the entrances to Penney's. These trucks will provide additional sources of food service and add to the variety available.

John Bellucci has provided a short YouTube video for the 2017 Dayton Train Show. 2017 Dayton Train Show PREVIEW.

Support Your Division


Our Division, as with most non-profit organizations, depends upon it's members to support the various projects and activities it undertakes. All of our activities are hobby related, most involve presenting to the public the joy of our hobby. Click here to find a listing of current projects and events that are upcoming. The giving of your time and talent would be appreciated

Layout website you can visit.

Ric Zimmerman has established a website for his model railroad. The Colorado Central Railroad is set in northeastern Colorado, circa 1959. Here is a link to his website The Colorado Central Railroad.


Video of Dick Sine's Big Horn & Western

Wil Davis has provided a link to a video of Dick Sine's layout. Dick Sine's Big Horn & Western.


Diorama Contest

It is not to early to start on your entry for the second Diorama Contest. To be held at the TRAINing Day/Meeting Day weekend in March 2018. March 17 and 18. We had 12 beautiful entries last year, 2 or 3 by first timers. Details at Diorama Contest 2018 Word Doc or Diorama Contest 2018 PDF.

Coming Soon to a Meeting Near You


October 15th at 2 pm is the date and time for Octobers meeting. It will be held at The Greene County Historical Society, 74 W Church St, Xenia, OH. Contest will be Caboose, cabin cars or Cabeeses, your preference. Categories will be kit, kitbashed, scratchbuilt and photo. Program will be presented by Doug Campbell on building structures.


November's meeting will be a joint meeting with Division 7 from Cincinnati. Meeting will be on the 12th( second Sunday) at 2 pm. Location to be announced. Program will be presented by the editor of Model Railroad Craftsman. Contest will be weathering, models will be judged only on their weathering.


Peter Weighlin will return for the December meeting and present a program on dining cars. Meeting will be held at The Greene County Historical Society, 74 W Church St, Xenia, OH on December 17th at 2 pm. Contest will be Structures. Categories will be kit, kitbashed, scratchbuilt and photo.


For the January meeting Rick Lach will give a presentation on "The Beauty of Scale". Meeting will be held at The Greene County Historical Society, 74 W Church St, Xenia, OH on December 17th at 2 pm. Contest will be Open Loads. Categories will be kit, kitbashed, scratchbuilt and photo.


Its Auction time. Meeting will be held at The Greene County Historical Society, 74 W Church St, Xenia, OH on December 17th at 2 pm. No contest. Bring your surplus modeling items and get a few bucks for them. Then bid on other items so you don't go home empty handed.



Bus Trip

bus trip 2017

Division 3, 2017 Bus Trip
The annual bus trip is now in the rear view mirror.  Fifteen persons headed to Cincinnati where we visited four outstanding layouts and were treated to a shop tour of the new Cincinnati Streetcar System, which we culminated with a ride around the 3+ mile loop.  For some reason our attendance was half of what it traditionally has been.  Since this is an annual event that takes the place of our annual meeting it should not catch people off guard.  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we saw some outstanding layouts.  Although we visited Cincinnati last year, these were all layouts that we didn’t get to see last year.
Some we have visited in the past, but most have made a lot of progress since our last visit.  Although we have visited Gerry Albers, Virginian, which is relatively mature as far as construction, it’s still a treat to visit.  We visited Bob Lawson’s Southern Railway System, which rivals any layout I have seen featured in the modeling press, particularly in terms of details and realistic scenes.  Most, if not all, of his structures are scratch built and many have completely detailed interiors with removable roofs that are complete as well. The layout is also populated with what must be thousands of figures!  Rick Case’s East Broad Top models the entire railroad from end to end.  Rick confessed that he compressed some of the track mileage between towns, but all of the towns and mines are represented.  I was most impressed by the overall height as it’s rare that I walk into a layout that’s at my eye level!  However he provided ample step stools for those who may not be as tall as I am.  It ran flawlessly and Bob Fink handed me a throttle that controlled a passenger train running over the layout, which was interrupted by the call for bus departure..  The last layout was Bill Doll’s Forest Park Southern.  We visited it some years ago, when it was mostly bench work and track, but not so anymore.  It is mostly complete and in addition to the FPS, it features an interchange with the C&O, so there’s lots of operation.  It too ran flawlessly.  Many of us came away from these layouts awed and inspired to redouble our efforts to get our layouts moved along to a complete state. 
Mike did another terrific job of arranging our annual bus tour.  Even though the restaurant that was to provide our box lunches had a fire, Mike was able to get a substitute nearby with no impact on the trip.  When you see Mike thank him for eleven years of great trips!

Wil Davis

New Clinics

Here are links to four new clinics that were presented at our monthly meetings.

A couple of notes concerning these files.

The .PDFs show only the slides from the Power Point presentation, they do not include the notes made by the presenter. To see the notes you will need to view it in the Power Point editor, select View Tab on the ribbon, then select Notes Page in the Presentation Views section.

Some of these files are extremely large and may take a couple of minutes to download.

The first is by Rick Zimmerman, titled Planning and Design, presented July 2015.
It is available as a .PDF and as a Power Point presentation.

Next is Philip Gliebe's A Kaleidoscope of Cabooses, presented March, 2017.
It is available as a .PDF .

Third is Dana Yarnall's CAD and Your Layout, presented April 2017.
It is available as a .PDF and as a Power Point presentation.

Finally, we present Bill Feairheller's Using LEDs on Your Layout, presented September 2017. It is available as a .PDF and as a Power Point preentation

These clinics and others are also available on our Clinics, Tips and Techniques page.


Video Library Update!

The division's video library contains over 300 titles, available to Division 3 members. Titles include Allen Keller Great Model Railroads series, modeling "how-to" videos, and prototypes railroads broken out by category to make them easier to find. New titles will be added during the year. These VHS tapes, DVDs, movies and books are available, but must be reserved through the Division 3 Librarian.

The video library is now in possession of 87 clinics from the NMRA National Office! New items are posted on the Division 3 Video Library web page. Many will be previewed here. To view a complete list of titles go to the video index (CLICK HERE).

NMRA Clinics now available from the library.
If you wish to reserve them please send an e-mail to the Division 3 Librarian

Contest Information

The contests at our monthly meetings have been becoming more popular. We are getting several terrific entries in the various categories. Some folks like to enter, some like to just look and judge. In any case, if you go to the contest page and click on the monthly category for a past contest, it will take you to a table of the winners, complete with links to the photos when available.

For a look at recent winners, visit our Contest page. NOTE: Contest page is under going a face lift and may be slightly out of date.

Contest for September is Make-It-Cheap $1-3-5.

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