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The Miami Valley Division is the host of The Dayton Train Show, held the first full weekend of November. For 2018 it will be held on November 3 and 4. The show is from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday. The show will be held in the new Montgomery County Fairgrounds, 645 Infirmary Rd., Dayton,OH. You can follow the train show by clicking Dayton Train Show to visit the train show web site or visit our facebook page at this location

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Diorama Contest

It is not to late to start on your entry for the second Diorama Contest. To be held at the TRAINing Day/Meeting Day weekend in March 2018. March 17 and 18. We had 12 beautiful entries last year, 2 or 3 by first timers. Details at Diorama Contest 2018 Word Doc or Diorama Contest 2018 PDF.


Division elections

Our division holds elections for new officers every two years and this is the year. Mark Stiver has agreed to contact members about running for office. If you want to run contact him or contact Webmaster and we will forward your interest to Mark.

Three offices are up for election. Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Clerk. The By-laws allow for a maximum of two consecutive terms of two years for each office. Rich Lach and Ric Zimmerman have served their 2 terms and are not up for re-election. Tom Mroczka can run for a second term, if he desires.

The ballot shall be announced at the March meeting. Nominations from the floor can be made at the March meeting. You can cast your ballot by mail, instructions provided on ballot, or present it at the April meeting. No ballots will be available at the April meeting.

Results will be announced at the April meeting and the new officers will begin their duties at the May meeting.



Support Your Division

Our Division, as with most non-profit organizations, depends upon it's members to support the various projects and activities it undertakes. All of our activities are hobby related, most involve presenting to the public the joy of our hobby. Click here to find a listing of current projects and events that are upcoming. The giving of your time and talent would be appreciated

Layout website you can visit.

Ric Zimmerman has established a website for his model railroad. The Colorado Central Railroad is set in northeastern Colorado, circa 1959. Here is a link to his website The Colorado Central Railroad.


Video of Dick Sine's Big Horn & Western

Wil Davis has provided a link to a video of Dick Sine's layout. Dick Sine's Big Horn & Western.


Coming Soon to a Meeting Near You


The March meeting can be said to be a two day happening, the 17th and 18th. On the 17th we will Have TRAINing Day from 9am to 4 pm. Various clinics, demonstrations, layout building, and good fellowship will be available for anyone who comes. Entries to the Diorama contest need to be in place by 1pm.

At the general meeting on Sunday Bob Weinheimer, MCR regional president, will do a presentation on his Pennsylvania Southern layout. The hill climb and tug of war will also be held. Instructions can be found Tug of War/Hill climb here . contest will be on freight cars.

Both events are to be held at the Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church, 7505 Taylorsville Rd. Huber Heights, OH.

The general meeting starts at 2pm.




Video Library Update!

The division's video library contains over 300 titles, available to Division 3 members. Titles include Allen Keller Great Model Railroads series, modeling "how-to" videos, and prototypes railroads broken out by category to make them easier to find. New titles will be added during the year. These VHS tapes, DVDs, movies and books are available, but must be reserved through the Division 3 Librarian.

The video library is now in possession of 87 clinics from the NMRA National Office! New items are posted on the Division 3 Video Library web page. Many will be previewed here. To view a complete list of titles go to the video index (CLICK HERE).

NMRA Clinics now available from the library.
If you wish to reserve them please send an e-mail to the Division 3 Librarian

Contest Information

The contests at our monthly meetings have been becoming more popular. We are getting several terrific entries in the various categories. Some folks like to enter, some like to just look and judge. In any case, if you go to the contest page and click on the monthly category for a past contest, it will take you to a table of the winners, complete with links to the photos when available.

For a look at recent winners, visit our Contest page. NOTE: Contest page is under going a face lift and is out of date.

The contest is freight cars. Standard categories; Kit, Kit bashed and Scratched built. A photo category will also be judged.

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