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The Train Show has a new location

Click here for revised show flyer .docx

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The Miami Valley Division is the host of The Dayton Train Show, held the first full weekend of November. For 2016 it will be held on November 5 and 6. The show is from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday. The new venue is at the Upper Valley Mall in Springfield. You can follow the train show by clicking Dayton Train Show to visit the train show web site or visit our facebook page at this location

Warther's is returning!!!

We have received word from The Warther's Museum that they will be visiting our Dayton Train Show at the Upper Valley Mall. Last year The Warther's Museum brought us the ivory engine. This engine is hand carved from ivory. This is a beautiful example of Ernest Warther's vision and carving skills. Don't miss this beautiful engine at the Dayton Train Show in the Upper Valley Mall.


Division 3 Dayton Train Show Consignment Table

Got some extra stuff cluttering your work space or storage area that you will not be using on your layout. Consider bringing it to the Train Show and selling it at the Consignment Table. The links below will give you the instructions what needs to be done and also a spreadsheet form for listing your items.

Consignment Sales - Instructions This is a Word file .docx.

Consignment Pricing Sheet This is an Excel spreadsheet.

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Support Your Division

Our Division, as with most non-profit organizations, depends upon it's members to support the various projects and activities it undertakes. All of our activities are hobby related, most involve presenting to the public the joy of our hobby. Click here to find a listing of current projects and events that are upcoming. The giving of your time and talent would be appreciated

Everybody wants to be part of something big and special. You have an opportunity to be part of one of the biggest train shows in the state and this year we have a new venue to display the hobby of model railroading. We need volunteers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 4-6.

Friday is setup day and help is always needed to assist the vendors and exhibitors in getting ready for the show. On Saturday and Sunday it is show time and there is a need of help in running the show. Sunday after the show help will be needed to clear the venue.

Clear your calendar, come out to the show, support your division and hobby. A few hours is all we are asking. If you are visiting the show plan a few extra hours and lend a hand.


Division 3 Diorama Contest

We know there is plenty of idle time while watching a football game. Make use of that time by working on your entry for the Diorama Contest.

The contest judging will be held at the 2017 Model Railroad TRAINing Day and General Meeting, scheduled for 18 – 19 March 2017.  Judging will consist of equal parts, technical and esthetic (popular vote).  The technical specifications for each diorama are available at Contest Page.  

Diorama Contest Tips

Use the information from Wil Davis' clinic on LED's to light some of your structures, cars, signals or other effects. A lighted building gives you the opportunity to enhance the structure by adding an interior. Go to the Tips, Clinics and Techniques page for Wil's clinic.

Want lightweight scenery material for your diorama? Try Fast and Final by DAP, a super lightweight spackling compound that goes on easily, can be smoothed with a wet paint brush; and is hard enough, when dry to allow positive results while adding scenic materials.

Want to add little pizazz to your diorama? Try adding a wood structure. There are numerous laser-cut kits out there for very reasonable prices. Wood kits look more realist than plastic kits molded to look like wood. They will add some class to your diorama that people will notice.

Company Store

The Company Store Clerk, Paul Jenkins, has reported the we now have a limited supply of the FPE box cars. He also reported that the store has a few of the NSS cars from the 2008 MCR Convention. A photo of the FPE car can be found on Company Store page 2. No photos of the NSS cars are available. They are 40 foot wood box cars from Accurail. These cars are Division 4 project cars.
Also available are AAR 40 ton hoppers with V&O reporting marks. These are project cars from Division 7. Any of these would make a nice addition to your fleet. No photo available.

He also reported that our V&O wood reefers and steel reefers have been reviewed by Railroad Model Craftsman and will be part of a two page article on the V&O in an upcoming Model Railroad News. This has increased the demand for these cars. If you don't have them in your fleet you may want to place an order. These are our division project cars and supply is limited. Photo and information on these cars can be found Company Store page 1.

Additionally, Division hats and the redesigned mugs are available.

Coming Soon to a Meeting Near You



The November meeting will be on November 20th at 2pm at The Greene County Historical Society, 74 W Church St, Xenia, OH. Contest will be on weathering. The only category will be the weathering. Ric Zimmerman will do a presentation on An Industry You Should Model. Division 8 members will be at the meeting to give us some information on the 2017 Regional Convention "The Pan American" to be held in Louisville, KY, May 18-21, 2017.


Video Library Update!

The division's video library contains over 300 titles, available to Division 3 members. Titles include Allen Keller Great Model Railroads series, modeling "how-to" videos, and prototypes railroads broken out by category to make them easier to find. New titles will be added during the year. These VHS tapes, DVDs, movies and books are available, but must be reserved through the Division 3 Librarian.

The video library is now in possession of 87 clinics from the NMRA National Office! New items are posted on the Division 3 Video Library web page. Many will be previewed here. To view a complete list of titles go to the video index (CLICK HERE).

NMRA Clinics now available from the library.
If you wish to reserve them please send an e-mail to the Division 3 Librarian.

Contest Information

The contests at our monthly meetings have been becoming more popular. We are getting several terrific entries in the various categories. Some folks like to enter, some like to just look and judge. In any case, if you go to the contest page and click on the monthly category for a past contest, it will take you to a table of the winners, complete with links to the photos when available.

For a look at recent winners, visit our Contest page. NOTE: Contest page is under going a face lift and may be slightly out of date.

Contest for October will be on Weathering.

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