Local Cartoon

Nick Folger Said this cartoon was inspired by the recent area wide power failures. "I was without power for 9 days (& nights) which gave me a lot of time in the evening to Thinnnnnnnk. "

Bus Quiz from August Indy Trip

Know your railroad slogans? CLICK HERE to download a copy of the quiz Bob Fink shared on the August bus trip. Just match the railroads with their slogans. Answers? . . . ANSWERS?!? . . . We don't need no steenking answers!

  1. New meaning to "drag and drop".
  2. All railroad logos would be 27 x 27 pixels.
  3. You could switch scales just by changing your resolution settings.
  4. Every 6 months your power pack has to be upgraded.
  5. When you push the horn button, the system offers to upgrade you to HornPlayer 9.1.
  6. You can schedule wheel cleaning and track cleaning overnight.
  7. Rolling stock which hasn't been run in a while begins to disappear.
  8. Each time you turn the power on to your layout, a puppy dog jumps out of nowhere and asks if you would like help compressing your freight yard.
  9. Your scenic backdrops change constantly.
  10. If you don't touch the throttle for 15 minutes, your entire layout changes into an aquarium.

- Andy Harman

Model Railroad Haiku

by Michael Fischer

Like an old plow-horse,
Your best engine limps along.
You must clean your track.
His Conrail Big Boy
Pulls his Amtrak auto racks.
Think he's new at this?
Four by eight plywood:
A good starting point, but this
Board may leave you bored.
Rivet-counters say
My boxcar doors are too wide.
Ask me if I care.
Like cats tied to dogs
Is hooking AC to trains
When it's not tinplate.
I model 90's.
Spouse gave me a wood reefer.
Now what do I do?
Great stones stay in place.
This engine won't move, either.
Buy good stuff next time.
DCC is great,
Except for the collisions.
I make Gomez proud.
Teardrops fall like rain.
I hate you, eBay sniper!
That engine was mine.
I showed off my trains.
My guests had but one question:
"How much did it cost?"
Wife bought a new dress.
That means an engine for me.
Fair is fair, you know.
My track is perfect.
Too bad it still looks like the
Plywood Pacific.
If Y2K hurts,
I'll run my trains on batt'ries.
First things first, you see.
Spouse asked a question:
"Do you REALLY need more trains?"
Spouse doesn't get it.
Lucifer's flatcar
Picks a new spot to derail
Every time I run it.
Double-stacks went in.
They all came out single-stacked.
Your tunnel's too low.
My unit coal train:
Sixty cars, one road number.
Hope I don't get caught.
My young son must see
Each "Thomas the Tank Engine."
He has good taste, yes?
Hobby-shop owner!
I'll help with kids' tuition.
Just sell me some trains.
PRR fans cringe
At my Pennsy U50.
No sense of humor.
I shall convert you
If your scale is not my scale,
Lest your soul be lost.
I saw a club show.
Trains derailed, track was dirty -
I get this at home!
Indecision strikes.
Buy more trains, or gift for wife?
Wish I could get both.
Not since last Christmas
Has my son played with "his" trains.
Guess that makes them mine.
Where do these wires go?
I pull on one, and two move.
Color code? I wish!
Can you tell me why
My trains always stay on track
Unless I have guests?
Lying to yourself?
"I can quit buying freight cars!"
Time for 12 Steps, friend.