2019 Model Railroad TRAINing Day

TRAINing day will be on March 23, 2019 at The Carillon Historical Park, 1000 Carillon Blvd, Dayton, OH. It will start at 9:30 am and run to 4 pm. Everyone invited.

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TRAINing Day is an education event sponsored by this division. A one day get together for the individual that has just discovered an interest in trains and needs information, tips, ideas and methods to proceed in the hobby. It is also for the experienced modeler for the same reasons.

The Annual TRAINing Day was a success, entertaining and informing 69 hardy souls who braved the less than perfect weather. More news on this event as information is gathered.

winner of TRAINing Day layout<<<Winner of the layout.

Another Successful Model Railroad TRAINing Day Is Behind Us

It’s hard to believe, but this was our fifth Model Railroad TRAINing Day and the third time we have built a 4 x 4 layout in five to six hours.  This year we set a new record as it was basically done in about five hours.  I would like to thank all of the division members for their hard work and continuing support for this event.  By my best estimate there were over 200 hours of labor provided during set up on Friday and the event on Saturday by 23 members. The best estimate is 100 people attended.  Once again we handed out a survey and although the return was not as high as last year, the comments were all positive.  A few people wanted to see things we did not offer and we will try to offer those next year in some format.  Every event we listed was checked as liked by the attendees, but the most popular was the Dalmatian!  One person said he “especially enjoyed talking to the guy at the Dalmatian.”   Although we didn’t ask on the survey, I know from talking to people that some had attended previous years.  I also met two fairly new division members who had not been to a meeting, and we had three people who came to the meeting on Sunday who joined.  I think this is a first.

Photo by Wil Davis

Past Model Railroad TRAINing Days

This year’s event was from all accounts a success. The weather cooperated and we had a good turnout. There were about 75 people who attended and all seemed to enjoy the event. We had 25 division members who participated in the setup and or the presentations. I estimate there were at least 200 hours donated over the two days. There were also a couple of non members who also helped out by displaying their suitcase layouts.

A cadre of 'engineers' work to set up.

We had great support from local hobby shops that donated or sold items at cost. These included RC Hobby Shop, The Hobby Shop and Smitty’s. True Scene Modeling shipped us three bags of their Fusion Fiber at a discount. We also had several members donate structures or who assembled structures that we purchased.

The Clinics were very popular

The highlight of the day was the construction of a 4 X 4 HO scale layout in approximately six hours. The structures had been constructed in advance by division members and the framing was prefabricated. Everything else was done at the session. Everyone who attended was encouraged to dive in and help construct the layout, working under the guidance of two experienced division members. All ages were welcome and we had a number of kids from six on up to adults who participated. All participants received a ticket which was placed in a jar and at the end of the day one was selected to take the layout home. The winner was six year old Catie.

Dalmatian Switching District is an excellent example of how the real railroads assemble and disassemble trains

As has been our custom, we provided a survey to the attendees and about a third of them were returned. Overall the attendees were pleased with the format and offerings. Some of the most popular were: Suitcase layouts, Digital Command Control, Building Structures, Electricity for Model Railroaders, Make a Track Cleaning Car, and Very Small layouts. Over half of the respondents listed one of these as their most liked events. When asked what they would like to see, Basic Scenery, Layout Planning, Track Laying, and Model Railroad Electronics topped the list.

The suitcase railroads made a big splash at the event.

One of the questions asked was if the attendee would be interested in participating in a hands on activity that involved some aspect of model railroading and be willing to pay a nominal fee. Half of the respondents applied that they would.

Several people contributed to the "Build A Layout" Project. One of them won the completed layout.

The Division Officers agree that we should continue to offer Model Railroad TRAINing Day and we are looking into offering some kind of participation course in the future.

Looking forward to TRAINing Day 2019!!