... The backbone of model railroading is the building of railroad models...

Planning and Design

The .PDF link. The Power Point link.

CAD and Your Layout

The .PDF link. The Power Point link.

A Kaleidoscope of Cabooses

The .PDF link.

Using LED's on Your Layout

The.PDF link. The Power Point link.

Operations Oriented Industry, the Sugar Beet Industry

Here are the links to the clinic. Operations Oriented Industry, the Sugar Beet Industry PDF.

Operations Oriented Industry, the Sugar Beet Industry power point.


Shelf Layout Clinic

Here is the PDF from Phil Gliebe clinic on Shelf Layoutshelf layout


LED Clinic

Here is the PDF from Wil Davis' clinic on LEDs LEDs


Record a Locomotive Crew View of your layout!

Dick Strous and Ron Goble have available a USB recording device(audio/video) suitable to be mounted on a flat car at the head or end of your train. It is about the size of a thumb drive. The cost is $10.00. You can contact The Greene County Historical Society at (937)372-4606 or e-mail the webmaster. You will also need to purchase a mini SD memory card. They range from 2 GB to 32GB for $4-$20. Note: All e-mails will be forwarded to Dick Strous.

Bob Fink provided the following link to a You tube video explaining this interesting device DVR Mini U8 . Thank you, Bob.

Hints and Tips Link List--places to go for helpful information

This PDF list links to various web sites that contain information useful to the modeler. There will be links to sites with modeling tips, also to sites with scale and prototype data and information. From the beginning modeler to the MMR it will have information useful to all. It will be a continuing project with updates as sites are found. If you know of a site that you have used to gather information, techniques and data drop a line to the webmaster. Click here for the PDF

DCC Decoder Installation

Here is the information from Wil Davis' clinic on installing DCC decoders in locomotives from the July 2013 meeting. You may view the slides on-line, or download the package as a PDF file.

Ready to Work With Foam Roadbed?

track laid on foam baseBob Fink has shared his approach to using foam on spline as roadbed. He has prepared some instructions, with photographs in PDF format so you can download and print the sheet. Bob has had a lot of luck with this fast and easy way to build track. Click HERE to view and download the file.

Improving a Decoder Tester

In the September 2013 Call Board, Wil Davis presented an article on improving a commercial decoder tester. The full article is downloadable here as a PDF file.

Doing an Open Load?


Here's a reference manual to modern standards for securing all types of open-top loads. The 2012 edition of the Alaska Railroad Load Manual describes and illustrates almost every type of load carried by rail and also gives detailed descriptions of different tie-down and securing methods. This 99 page manual is in PDF form and may be downloaded from http://www.alaskarailroad.com/Portals/6/pdf/freight/Load%20Manual.pdf.

Tree Demonstration

Dave Decker, our late, great tree guru, has made a sample tree demonstrating the different techniques used to get away from the "bottle-brush" look of many commercial trees. Click HERE for a look at the demo.

Dave's tragic passing left a large hole in the modeling community, and he is sorely missed.

How a MMR Does It

a series of partially completed modelsBefore there was "shake-the-box", long before RTR, there were still terrific models. This miracle came about by way of a technique called "scratchbuilding". If you read the mainstream magazines you might think that this is a nearly extinct side of the hobby, but never fear. It's magic is still being practised in basements all over the Miami Valley!
This example comes from the workbench of Bob Fink, MMR. Bob needed some B&O Wagontop boxcars, but no kits were available. Starting with a formed wood block for the basic shape, Bob added hand formed ribs, detail parts, and paint to achieve the delightful result shown here.
A scratchbuilt model won't be complete overnight, but it sure will be something to be proud of when it is finished.

Foam on the Fast Track!

foam workRay Persing has developed a fast and efficient way to build foam roadbed and risers. He has made a fully illustrated manual of instructions available which can be downloaded HERE in .pdf format. Ray is using this technique to build his Cincinnati and Western layout with outstanding results.

Click HERE for photos of the completed project.

Good News! Ray has promised Part 2 of this seminar in the near future! Keep an eye on this space.

Stomping some good looking Cliffs and Cuts

Bob Fink reports: I've been trying to find a way to easily get the broken shale look of a rock cliff or sides of a railroad cut. While looking up at the upstairs ceiling it hit me! They “stomped” them with a tool while the plaster was still soft and left a pattern . Why not make a tool and stomp the wet plaster or spackling on a layout? I did and it worked. I ended up with the most realistic ones I've produced yet. It was far quicker than carving and a lot more realistic. Here's a link to the .pdf:

Note: Do you have an item for this page? bring it to a meeting to share and we'll photograph it, or you can send the photo(s) to the webmaster, along with a description of the project and he'll take it from there.