Projects and Events

Our Division, as with most non-profit organizations, depends upon it's members to support the various projects and activities it undertakes. All of our activities are hobby related, most involve presenting to the public the joy of our hobby. By clicking you will find a listing of current projects and events that are upcoming and the giving of a little of your time and talent would be appreciated.



Silent Auction

Curt Caden, who manages the raffle at the monthly meetings, is presenting a new feature for our meetings. He will be conducting a silent auction for several items each month. In addition to the meeting, bidding on these items will be available on line during the month preceding the meeting. You can submit your bid to the webmaster, who will forward the bids to Curt. Click Sept Silent Auction to view items for auction and the current high bid.

1. Starting bid is $1. Unless otherwise noted.

2. Your bid must be at least $.25 higher than the current high bid.

3. You must be present at the meeting to win.

4. If highest bidder is not present at the meeting the next highest bidder, in attendance, will be awarded the item.

5. Bids will be processed in the order received. For e-mailed bids the time stamp of the e-mail, at the webmaster e-mail, will determine the order of the e-mail bids.

6. Email bids must include Full Name, E-mail, Phone #, and the bid.

7. Decision of the Auction Manager is final.



The Dalmatian Switching District

Help walk the Dog. The Dalmatian Switching District or the Dog is a modular layout that the division uses to help spread the word about our hobby. The division needs volunteers to help with the operation of this layout at various events that it attend's. What could be better, you get to attend train shows and you run trains. If that isn't enough the time spent will earn credit toward the Volunteer Award of the Achievement Program. For more information contact the Webmaster.


Loop Layout

In addition to the Dalmatian Switching District the district uses a small 5'x5' loop layout at some events. We are in need of operators and maintainers. The layout has loops of G, O, S, HO, N and Z. The equipment gets a lot of operation and just like the equipment on your layout it needs maintenance between operation sessions. If you would like to assist contact