A Blast from the Past!
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More of the clippings and photos from Gene Smith. If you can identify additional people or places in these pictures, please contact the Webmaster through the website or see Norm or Mark at any Division meeting.

A newspaper clipping of the locomotive pulling contest at the first MCR Regional convention in Chillicothe OH in 1952. It was sponsored by the 100% NMRA Dayton Art Institute HO club since that was the only NMRA activity in Dayton then (1952). Division wasn't formed by Lone Eagle Paine (who wasn't in the club but was MCR president) until about 7 years later.
In the photo are Don Santel (back to the camera and famous hat), Ed Jonas, Harold Jennings (his dad and mom later owned a hobby shop on Patterson Road) Harvey Waggoner, Boyce Martin, well published modeller from Louisville, and the high school kid with his hand in the sand bucket is Bob Fink with the same haircut he still has but much more hair.
Thanks to Bob for all the information.

Another newspaper clipping. Curt Marshall identifies this as Jim Paine at the lower yard of his Durham and Southern layout…probably mid 60’s.

Richard Fullerton and his basement layout. Accompanying article sounds like 1976.

The newspaper article that followed the photo above.