Monthly Contest Information

ribbonWe have three categories each month. You can enter Scratchbuilt, KitBashed, or Kit built. This should allow anyone to enter anything they are proud of and at any skill level.

Judging is by popular vote but if you wish to have your model judged by NMRA rules for the Achievement Program we will make arrangements for you. We would like to offer more judged contests so that members could gain points and experience needed to earn Achievement Progrom recognition.

Rules Update:

At the June 2017 BOG meeting, the Board approved revised rules. Here are the results:

June 2017 revised Contest Rules. Word Doc or .PDF

Diorama Contest Information

"Preparations for the 2018 Diorama Contest have begun.  The contest judging will be held in conjunction with the 2018 Model Railroad TRAINing Day and General Meeting, scheduled for 18 – 19 March 2017.  Judging will consist of equal parts, technical and esthetic (popular vote).  The technical specifications for each diorama can be downloaded in 2 formats. Diorama Contest 2018 Word Doc and Diorama Contest 2018 PDF .

1st Tug-O-War and Hill Climb Results

Next Tug-O-War/Hill Climb will be at the March 2018 business meeting.

After conducting the division's business at the monthly meeting, members gathered around the test tracks for the engine pull and the hill climb. The Tug-O-War pitted engines of similar design against each other, to see who could walk away with the other. No pink slips were exchanged!! Five categories were available. Three for diesel and two for steam. 11 locomotives from 6 members were entered.

The diesel categories and winners are:

Switcher Ric Zimmerman with a Fairbanks Morse H1-44.
4 axle Gordon Carlson with a EMD FTA.
6 axle Ric Zimmerman with a EMD E7A .

The steam categories and winner is:

Only two locomotives were entered one in each class. Rick Lach's 4-8-8-4 Big Boy easily walked away with Doug Campbell's 2-6-0 Mogul. Kind of a one sided contest. But fun was to be had.

In The Hill Climb had 8 entries from 5 members.

The Diesel categories and winners are:

4 axle Wil Davis S-2 switcher managed an 11 inch pull on a 12% grade.
6 axle Ric Zimmerman a full run on a 12% grade with an E7A.

In the steam category Gordon Carlson had a Climax that went up a 6% grade.

Ric Zimmerman and Ron Sturgis did an outstanding job of developing the contest and building the test tracks. Looking forward to the next year's contest. It will be at the March 2018 meeting.

Here's the schedule:

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*Single class, judged on weathering alone.

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Note: Anyone having suggestions for the contest program is urged to contact a member of the BOG. Let your opinion count!