Monthly Contest Information

ribbonWe have three categories each month. You can enter Scratchbuilt, Kit Bashed, or Kit built. This should allow anyone to enter anything they are proud of and at any skill level. There is also a photo category.

Judging is by popular vote but if you wish to have your model judged by NMRA rules for the Achievement Program we will make arrangements for you. We would like to offer more judged contests so that members could gain points and experience needed to earn Achievement Program recognition.

Rules Update:

At the June 2017 BOG meeting, the Board approved revised rules. Here are the results:

June 2017 revised Contest Rules. Word Doc or .PDF

Rules and procedures for the virtual contest may be found here. PDF DOC. A revision to the number entries has been made. Its sets a limit of 3 models and 3 photos.

The virtual contest for May is Passenger Cars.
Entries may be submitted until the deadline.
Deadline for entries is 12 noon, Sunday, May 9, 2021.
Entries should be sent to or

Voting is to commence once the entries have been posted.
Deadline for voting is 12 midnight, Friday,May 16, 2021.
If you can not use the link provided then send a e-mail to
This is for voting only. Review the contest documents for specific instructions on voting.

Entries for the May contest will be posted no later than 5/10/2021
Virtual Contest for April
Category Entry Number Description Picture Voting
Kit 101 ATSF 3246
  102 CBC 8 CBC 8
  103 IT 514 IT 514
  104 NW 1613 NW 1613
  105 PST 79 PST 79
  106 REX 6212 REX 6212
  107 B&O 6005 B&O 6005
Kit bashed 201 CC 1480 CC 1480
GN James J Hill GN James J Hill
Aerotrain & bus Aerotrain
  P2 CCV 101 CCV 101
  P3 GCX 7034 GCX 7034
L&N 1107 LN 1107
NMRX 1012 NMRX 1012
WSMX 800322 WAMX 800322
PEX 2119 PEX 2119


Here is the schedule and results:

Notice: Due to Covid 19 the BOG has decided to move the February 2021 Auction to July 2021 and the July 2021 contest to February 2021(Non-revenue cars). Adjust your model entries accordingly.

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Note: Anyone having suggestions for the contest program is urged to contact a member of the BOG. Let your opinion count!