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Union Pacific's Elegant E-9's


Union Pacific's Elegant E-9's

The backbone of the Union Pacific Railroad's fleet throughout the 1950s and 1960s was its sleek, stylish EMD E-8 and E-9 locomotives. Travelers enjoyed their classic styling and efficient performance up until 1971, when the UP discontinued its passenger service. Now, with the recent restoration of E-9 locomotives 951, 949, and 963B, Union Pacific is reviving the image of its famous, streamlined passenger train fleet.

UP's elegantly restored A-B-A set of E-9s pulled its first excursion train from Denver, Colorado, to Laramie, Wyoming, over famed Sherman Hill, and Pentrex was there to cover the event in full. We started with the ferry move that took the engines and their streamlined train from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Denver.

The locomotives look and sound great as they roar past our cameras, rolling over UP's Greeley Subdivision after their departure from Denver's Union Station. The throaty growl of the locomotives at work can be heard echoing through the hills as the E-9s pull the train up the grades of Sherman Hill. UP's Steve Lee explains the history of the engines and their recent reconstruction. Plus, you'll go inside locomotive 951 for a look at the new cab control stand and V-16 prime mover installed in the engine compartment.

When you think of the luxurious passenger trains of the '50s and '60s, it's the E-9s that most often come to mind, and this beautiful presentation will show you why.

35 Minutes - In Color with Live Stereo Sound and Narration

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