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Sunrise/Sunset 3 - Cincinnati


A Day Along the Triple Track Main
Spend 15 hours from sunrise to sunset along the busy, triple track mainline at Cincinnati, Ohio. Twelve routes radiating in and out of town are squeezed through this funnel at a location called Winton Place. You'll see CSX, Norfolk Southern, Indiana & Ohio, and Amtrak trains compete for signals and switches. Three-way meets occur regularly and new directional running puts trains on competitors' rails to ease congestion.

To take advantage of maximum daylight hours we shot here on June 28, 2000. Many surprise moves came our way, including a CSX special passenger train. Other oddities include steel and coal trains, the Juice Train, Triple Crown trains and a working Loram Rail Grinder. Train symbols and numbers are given for all movements showing where freights originated and where they're headed. Plus, a schematic drawing and explanation of the signal system show how the junction is operated.

A total of 58 trains are viewed, many with a fascinating array of motive power. With numerous units on lease, CSX offers an incredible variety of diesels. Post-merger Conrail power is seen on both CSX and NS. If variety is what you desire, this show will exceed your expectations!

90 Minutes

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