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Street Running


Street Running

To railfans, "street running" brings to mind images of long trains operating down busy city streets while auto traffic swerves to avoid disastrous collisions. That's exactly what you'll find in this collective look at 22 locations around the country where railroads continue to run trains down the middle of main streets.

Street running is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Modesto, California, where the Tidewater Southern (now UP) tracks have been a problem for years, has finally seen its last train pass down busy 9th Street. You'll see it just days before the line was closed. You'll also visit Erie, Pennsylvania, where street running will soon be eliminated on Norfolk Southern tracks running down 19th Street. Other notable locations include Brooklyn, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; Augusta, Georgia; La Grange, Kentucky; Michigan City, Indiana; West Brownsville, Pennsylvania; Santa Cruz, California; San Antonio, Texas; and New Albany, Indiana. These trains are operated by CSX, UP, NS, BNSF, CP and several short lines.

It's an electrifying experience to view massive coal trains, freights, time-sensitive intermodal trains, commuter operations, and even switch crews as they negotiate their way through traffic-filled streets in Street Running!

104 minutes - In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

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