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Sunrise/Sunset 2 - Rochelle


A Day at Rochelle, Illinois

Trains rattle across the diamonds at Rochelle, Illinois, where Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks intersect. This busy spot draws railfans from around the world like a magnet. To cope with the growing numbers of eager fans, the community of Rochelle constructed a unique railroad park, complete with covered pavilion, restrooms, and a paved parking lot. It was an instant success, but not without obstacles, as you'll hear from the crusader who fought great odds to make it a reality.

Pentrex cameras set up at Rochelle to record every passing train over an eleven hour period, from sunup to sundown. Intermodal, coal, and manifest trains are headed by a vast array of motive power, representing most modern locomotive types. Train symbols and destinations are shown for all movements across the former CNW/CB&Q diamonds. Join us for a day at Rochelle where trains just keep on rolling past the pavilion. It's a fascinating location and an amazing story that's turning Rochelle into a railfan Mecca on the midwestern prairie.

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