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Through the Rathole Cab Ride


Through the Rathole Cab Ride

Ride at the head of Norfolk Southern's unique new trailer train, the Triple Crown #252, as it travels the rugged and scenic line called The Rathole. You'll be in the cab of GP60 #7149 to experience the 138-mile line from the crew's perspective. As the train makes its way north from Emory Gap, Tennessee to Danville, Kentucky, you'll see such famous locations as the tunnels at Nemo, the high bridges across the New and Cumberland Rivers, and the deep cuts that gave the Rathole its name.

The high priority Triple Crown passes 15 other trains during our ride. Some are waiting "in the hole," while others are met at full track speeds along the mainline. When our train starts back up after stopping to allow a hot piggyback train to pass, tension fills the cab. The engineer struggles to get the train up the grade as the single engine slips its wheels and nearly stalls.

Exciting scenes of mainline railroading are captured here for you to enjoy. Join Pentrex in a thrilling cab ride Through the Rathole!

58 Minutes - In Color with Live Audio and Narration

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