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Powder River Combo


Powder River Combo

Combined here on one action-packed Combo DVD are two exciting programs bringing the thrill of railroading in Wyoming's coal country: King Coal - Powder River Rails & Mines (filmed in 2001) and Powder River Basin Coal Trains (filmed in 1992).

King Coal - Powder River Rails & Mines (90 Minutes)

In Wyoming's Powder River Basin, train after train of loaded and empty hoppers make their way across the desolate, rolling hills of the high plains. This is coal country. With production levels surpassing all other US mining areas, the numbers are staggering and that means rail traffic is at an all time high. To move these mountains of coal, the railroads rely on modern, high horsepower locomotives such as GE C44-9s and EMD SD90s to lug their heavy loads over the grades. Single track has been doubled and in some areas tripled to handle the massive volume. Rolling meets between Union Pacific and BNSF trains are common. Often several movements are visible at the same time, many with locomotives on both ends of the consist. There's even a helper district on the north end of the line. And all of these trains transport a single commodity - coal!

Have you ever wanted to visit a strip mine to see how coal is dug, hauled from the pits, and flood-loaded into moving trains? At Black Thunder mine, close-up views show just how it's done. Massive mining machines and high-density railroading are required to move this vital commodity. It's all here: intense, big-time railroading action. Experience the complete story of King Coal - Powder River Rails & Mines!

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