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Pittsburgh Mainlines


Pittsburgh Mainlines

Imagine a place where the railroading includes mountain helper districts, long tunnels, countless bridges, triple track mainlines, heavy industrial switching, an active interlocking tower, and well over a hundred trains a day! That's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of the busiest railroading centers in America, with possibly the widest variety of operations to be found in a single region.

The last months of Conrail's Pittsburgh routes were captured just prior to Norfolk Southern's takeover in 1999. "Big Blue" provided enough traffic to keep any railfan happy. CSX played an equally important role in this region and you'll find plenty of dramatic CSX action. Plus, the heavy-industrial-hauling Union Railroad also contributed exciting scenes. You'll see switchers toiling in a massive steel mill, Amtrak passenger trains on the mainlines, an unusual coal-hauling railroad, and even freight barges on the rivers around the city. Here's your opportunity to experience heavy-duty railroading during several seasons of the year as we tour the best spots around the "Three Rivers City" before the 1999 mergers that changed the face of the area's operations.

2 Hours 16 Minutes - In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

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