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Operation Fast Freight


Operation Fast Freight

Norfolk & Western's dedication to on-time delivery is celebrated in this superb documentary recorded when steam still powered the fleet. The sights and sounds of steam locomotives built in Norfolk & Western's shops fill the screen with nonstop action.

Follow boxcar #50450 eastbound from Columbus, Ohio to Norfolk, Virginia as part of N&W's "time-freight 86." Then watch from onboard and trackside as cargo is loaded and hurried to destinations throughout the six state area of Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Maryland.

From engineers and brakemen to inspectors, local station agents, dispatchers, and loaders, you'll see the people who ran the railroad. Crews are seen building a new doubletrack tunnel through Elkhorn Mountain, making major repairs in the shops, and readying the train for its run. With Norfolk & Western teamwork, precious cargo is delivered safely and on time.

Pentrex has computer enhanced this classic vintage film to bring you a look at time-freight railroading at its best!

23 Minutes - In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration

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