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New York Central - An Insider's View


New York Central - An Insider's View

The New York Central of the 1940s was a mighty railroad, with a never-ending parade of freight and passenger trains making their way along the well-maintained tracks of the Water Level Route. Steam was king as World War II began, with the mighty Hudsons still the pride of the fleet. Within just a few years, sleek diesel locomotives could be found at the head of many important trains as well.

Into this world stepped cinematographer Fred Beach. Hired in 1941 by the Central, Fred went trackside between 1941 and 1954 to record the many activities of this great railroad. Much of the resulting film was used to produce a number of public relations and employee training films, many of which survive to this day. Much more of the raw footage was left unused. Our tour of the railroad is taken from these reels, and includes rare footage never before seen by the public.

We begin in black-and-white days, during World War II, and move on into the realm of color following the end of the war. Crack passenger limiteds, local commuter trains, and plenty of freight action are all found in abundance as we journey along the Central's mainline between Harmon and Buffalo, New York. We also visit the Harmon roundhouse and watch as steam locomotives are serviced between runs. Great railroading action, famous locomotives, sleek passenger trains, and beautiful scenery are all here. You won't want to miss this vintage tour of the New York Central, from an insider's view.

50 Minutes - In Color and Black & White with Full Sound Track and Narration

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