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Great American Train Rides, Vol 1


Great American Train Rides, Vol 1

Imagine yourself riding behind a powerful steam locomotive with smoke and cinders billowing out of the stack, steam hissing from the vents, the scent of burning coal mixing with the fresh air, and the sound of steel wheels on steel rails. Millions thrill to such scenes each year as they travel America's popular tourist railroads.

You, too, can experience the trains of America's past as Pentrex takes you for a ride on eight famous excursion railroads. Our journey takes you from California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, out across the vast emptiness of the Great Basin, and up into the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado on these Great American Train Rides:

You'll see each railroad's vintage steam and diesel locomotives, cog railcars, familiar cabooses, and historic settings in exciting detail. The informative narration provides you with the unique features of each location, including addresses and phone numbers for obtaining further information. Join Pentrex for a great look at the many sights and sounds of America's historic railroads in Great American Train Rides!

60 Minutes - In Color with Live Audio and Narration

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