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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 65


Volume 65 - David Trussell's Greeley Freight Station Museum, Part 2
Large just doesn't describe the Oregon California & Eastern HO layout of the Greeley Freight Station Museum. It's the biggest railroad we have documented on video. In fact it is so large at 5,500 square feet that we had to divide it into two parts. Vol. 64 contains the first half of the layout, and the DVD you are holding contains the other half.

The OC&E sits in its own 9.600 square foot building. Planning began for the museum in 2000 and by the summer of 2009 it was mostly completed and open to the public. Actual layout construction only took five and a half years because of the number of volunteers who did 20,000 hours of work under the guidance of David Trussell, the designer and visionary.

Set in the fall of 1975 the line connects Klamath Falls and Lakeview, Oregon. You'll see equipment from the Southern Pacific, the Great Northern and the Denver & Rio Grande.

The story of moving logs to lumber processing plants is the narrative for the OC&E. Logging camps, sawmills, lumber yards and finishing plants are the reasons for this railroad. Some of this traffic is even carried in HO trucks that move under their own power. You'll enjoy the big scenes, the big industries and the great big classification yards on the OC&E.

David and volunteers will show you how to make a forest fire scene, build fir trees and add moving logging trucks to your layout. The OC&E was featured in the Dec. 2008 MR. The OC&E is a Great Model Railroad because 160 volunteers have come together to build something no one could have envisioned, but David Trussell.

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