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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 62


Volume 62 - Rochester Model Railroad Club's Lehigh Valley Railroad
The Rochester Model Railroad Club re-creates the Lehigh Valley Railroad in the 1960s. It runs from Jersey City, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York in a 2500 square foot church basement. The HO club layout is called the Seneca Valley Lines because this 70 year old club has used this name since the beginning. During that time the club has moved 7 times. Its current location has been home for 20 years.

A 20 year project takes planning. So the layout is divided into 5 sections with a supervisor in charge of each. That way quality control is maintained and projects are ready to go on weekly meeting nights. Cooperation and compromise are the keys to building a cohesive, artistic model railroad with 50 members who have different opinions.

The club is well known in the area for its public shows and displays at schools and museums. The members are always trying to promote the hobby and especially enjoy teaching young people about the hobby. The double track 350 foot long mainline was originally built for public shows, but has been modified and improved for prototype switching operations. The 40x60 foot layout is a free standing island design with all trains beginning and ending in the massive staging yards that represent the rest of the country.

Club members will show you how to build reliable trackwork, create control panels, build evergreen trees, and duplicate real scenes. The layout was featured in the Sept. '08 MR. The Lehigh Valley is a Great Model Railroad because of its cohesive vision, yet the members are willing to refine the look and operation of the layout when new techniques come along.

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