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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 59


Volume 59 - Allen Keller's Bluff City Southern
Allen Keller's Bluff City Southern operates throughout the Mid-South in 1950. This HO railroad provides an interchange point in Memphis for the IC, the Frisco, the L&N, the Southern and the Missouri Pacific. Both steam and diesel locomotives serve Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Passenger trains and Memphis Union Station hold a special place in the operating scheme. Since our last visit in 2001 for Vol. 38, the Tennessee peninsula has been added and the layout is completed.

The entire BCS was planned before the first track was laid in 1997. Allen has remained true to the overall plan, but changed track arrangements when a better idea came along. The 30x44 foot layout features 4 staging yards that represent the outside world- to 3 points of the compass-North, South and West.

Allen considers the Bluff City Southern to be a time machine that re-creates as realistically as possible a simpler time when small town depots were the center of town life and everything moved at a slower pace including the trains.

The layout was designed for viewing and operation. That means the scenery and structures are highly detailed. It also means the trackplan allows for challengingly realistic but not mystifying track arrangements. Allen will show you some things he's learned after 40 years in the hobby, plus how to make a cotton field, stage urban buildings and build a swamp. The Bluff City Southern is a Great Model Railroad because Allen has captured the look and feel of the Mid-South with scenery, structures and rolling stock.

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