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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 51


Volume 51 - Ken McCorry's Conrail
The Conrail layout of Ken McCorry is so big it takes a train 45 minutes to run its full length. The mainline of 25 scale miles occupies its own 3300 square foot barn. The steel mill takes up 300 square feet. With 5 decks the railroad is big. The bottom two decks represent staging. The top deck is a branchline, and the middle two decks are the visible parts of the railroad.

Ken started building the HO layout in 1992. In 1996 he increased the size of his custom-built barn. He says this is the final addition and building this layout, that some have called the largest home layout in the world, has been a great deal of fun. The layout follows the route of the old Pennsylvania Railroad from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Buffalo, New York in 1980 and that means helpers on the 3% grade to Keating Summit.

Ken has 175 locomotives and more than 2,000 pieces of rolling stock. Operating sessions require 17 operators and 3 dispatchers to keep things moving. Operating the railroad has become Ken's main interest in the hobby, but he also wants to finish all the scenery and install the remaining signals. He will show you how to cantilever your benchwork, make scenery with plaster gauze, build structures with gator foam, and use operating signals.

The Conrail Railroad is a Great Model Railroad because Ken has created a layout on a grand scale that is easy to maintain and fun to operate.

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