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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 50


Volume 50 - Chuck Hitchcock's Argentine Industrial District Railway
The Argentine Industrial District Railway of Chuck Hitchcock is his answer to the question "Is it possible to outgrow a famous 30 year old layout?" His former Santa Fe Argentine Division was famous as one of the first layouts to be operated in a prototype manner. Yet Chuck and his operators knew there had to be more. The Industrial District began as an idea ten years ago. Since he and his friends really enjoyed switching industries, he decided a layout could be built without a mainline. And so Chuck again became a pioneer in operation.

The 54 x 26 foot HO railroad represents a Santa Fe line around Kansas City in 1963. All trains are operated within yard limits, and work without a dispatcher. This Fiftieth volume in the series is a return to Chuck's work that Allen first recorded 22 years earlier. In a way the work of preserving Great Model Railroads has come full circle. Many of the layouts in the series no longer exist except on video.

Chuck has found that this new HO railroad has renewed his interest in the hobby, and made upkeep of the layout easier as he ages. He will show you how to lay track without spikes or nails, add signs to urban buildings, and create switch lists from waybills. The Argentine Industrial District Railway is a Great Model Railroad because Chuck has never been afraid to change things while seeking innovative solutions. The DVD version contains a special bonus look back at the original Argentine Division.

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