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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 49


Volume 49 - Stephen & Cinthia Priest's Emporia Subdivision of the Santa Fe
The Santa Fe Emporia Subdivision is what you might expect from the authors of many highly regarded books on their favorite railroad. Everything on this railroad indicates that this is the Santa Fe. The Emporia Sub runs through Kansas in 1978. Equipment is weathered to match the terrain that Stephen knows well from his days as an engineer for the Santa Fe and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. He also became knowledgable about the area when he was Assistant Manager of the Track Geometry Department.

The 40 x 25 foot railroad is double-decked using a constant grade instead of a helix to change elevation. The staging yard are not hidden but are scenicked like the rest of the layout. Stephen and Cinthia operate the railroad with a CTC machine and signals that control the movements by the road crews. Their operating sessions have ben compared to a chess game, yet the purpose of the railroad is to enjoy the company of others. For them the layout is a social event.

Stephen believes in learning something about every part of the hobby, so all aspects of the layout are balanced. He will show you how to build benchwork for a double-deck, install switch motors, build a control panel and detail your track. The Emporia Subdivision is a Great Model Railroad because the Priests have found a way to preserve a 3-D piece of railroad history in their basement.

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