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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 48


Volume 48 - Ed Lorence's Baltimore & Ohio
Ed Lorence's Baltimore & Ohio has some of the best running trains you'll find anywhere. His trackwork is flawless, and his engines and rolling stock are adjusted until 50 car trains with semi-scale wheels run perfectly. This HO railroad runs through West Virginia in 1954 with late steam and first generation diesels that Ed has detailed and modified. The cars on the layout are beautifully weathered even though he doesn't use an airbrush.

The 22 x 24 foot railroad sits in Ed's basement where he enjoys welcoming fellow hobbyists and operators to share the layout. This railroad was built as a railfan adventure until he decided he had to retro-fit it for prototype operation with his friends.

Ed got interested in the B&O because his father-in-law was a longtime employee with many stories to spark a railfan's interest in Class One railroading. The layout's long passing sidings help to re-create that feeling and the illusion of double track mainline. This layout is the result of Ed's 50 years in the hobby where he learned from his own mistakes on previous layouts.

Ed will show you how to lay flextrack, make trees from weeds, close-couple freight cars and make inexpensive signals. The B&O is a Great Model Railroad because Ed has created a layout where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The overall look of this railroad is stunning.

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