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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 47


Volume 47 - Lance Mindheim's Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville (Monon)
Lance Mindheim's Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville or as it's usually known, the Monon, is an N scale layout that was built for reliable operation. Lance created this railroad as a way to remember his childhood and as a stage for full timetable and train order operating sessions. The 20x20 foot layout is based on 25 miles of track in Indiana in 1955.

On line industries favor limestone mills and quarries along with team tracks and one major yard. Lance and his friends enjoy full operating sessions that last for up to 3 hours.

To keep things fun Lance believes it's critical to take the time to get your trains to run reliably because without dependable operation everything else is futile. He also says his engines and cars have to be reliable too and that is now possible in N scale.

The beautiful scenery on the Monon features a perfect setting of hills, realistic creeks and winter grass and trees. The painted backdrop makes the scenes seem even bigger. Weathering is skillfully used to enhance and create detail.

As a custom layout builder, Lance will encourage you to get started building a layout. Don't wait to learn everything or you'll never get started. Lance will show you how to model a creek, paint a backdrop, make convincing grass and undergrowth and cast shale rip rap.

The Monon is a Great Model Railroad because Lance believes in modeling the ordinary not the unusual, and because he uses weathering to bring out the details on his models.

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