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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 46


Volume 46 - Paul Dolkos' Boston & Maine New Hampshire Division
Paul Dolkos' Boston & Maine New Hampshire Division is a visually intriguing railroad featuring seldom modeled winter scenes. Paul's bare trees get as much detailed attention as everything else on the layout. Another scenic device that he uses is forced perspective to create distance in a small space. He also finds the key structures in a scene and then uses them to give the impression that all other buildings are just as authentic.

Even though the HO layout is only 20x20 feet, it has a full blown operating plan using timetable and train orders with a dispatcher, operator and road crews. Paul enjoys seeing his HO railroad operate as much like the prototype as possible rather than just watching the trains roll through a scene.

The Boston & Maine is a freelanced railroad based on the prototype in 1952. This lets Paul change the traffic patterns, the structures and the track arrangements to suit his space. Yet he tries to keep the overall flavor of the B&M.

As one of the hobby's best known model photographers, Paul carefully arranges his own layout scenes for interesting photos. He will show you how to take model photos, use staging yards, build winter trees, and get more operation in a small space.

The B&M New Hampshire Division is a Great Model Railroad because Paul can see the essence of a scene, and because he knows how to get the maximum amount of operation in a small space.

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