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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 44


Volume 44 - Howard Zane's Piermont Division - Part 2
This is Part 2 of Howard Zane's Piermont Division. This HO layout showcases Fifties era Appalachian railroading using equipment from the Clinchfield, Western Maryland, Chesapeake & Ohio and Norfolk & Western. Since we did Vol. 12 in 1992 Howard has increased the layout area by a factor of 4 to 2850 square feet. In this video we concentrate on all the new areas.

Howard considers the Piermont to be a painting created with plaster, paper, foam, rocks and dirt where he can bring to life the fabled coal hauling roads of the east. The railroad features spectacular bridges, deep scenes and breathtaking vistas. Howard's whole life revolves around model railroading with the layout, a brass business and the Great Scale Train Shows taking up most of his waking hours. And if that's not enough he even has plans to add 2,000 more square feet to the basement.

Howard fell in love with steam as a child on the locomotive operated by his uncle. That experience has influenced his whole life including the building of this scenic masterpiece. All his efforts on this railroad are aimed at capturing that feeling of life in the Fifties when railroads and steam were kings.

Howard will show you how to build a structure, color a steam locomotive boiler, build scenery without plaster and add a diorama to a layout. The Piermont Division is a Great Model Railroad because of Howard's artistic talents and because he is always happy to share his love of the hobby with others.


By George Ardwin
When a model train layout has exceptional qualities, Allen will shoot more than one video of it. That is the case with HOWARD ZANE'S PIERMONT DIVISION. The first video (Vol. 12) covered the basic layout. Since that time, Howard has expanded it to FOUR times it's size, now covering 2850 Sq. Ft.

One of the changes noticed in this latest video is the addition of Diesel power. Rather then rehash what I wrote in the first review, I'd suggest you watch this one, plus read my original review.

Howard also has published a book that is loaded with 450 photographs of his layout. It is called " MY LIFE WITH MODEL TRAINS ". It tells about his interesting life and his love for Model Railroading in it's many different forms.

Here are the Demos offered:

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