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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 39


Volume 39 - HO - George Sellios' "Franklin & South Manchester"
Here is the long-awaited Part 3 on George Sellios' Franklin & South Manchester, the world's most famous model railroad!

Our first two visits (Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 and Vol. 24) concentrated on the original city of Manchester and the newer cities of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. In this installment we devote the majority of the video to the new areas of Franklin, Belverton, Chesterville and Beaver Meadow.

You'll see enough of the earlier towns to give you a feel for them, but the new scenes are so different from the old that they cry out for your attention. George is now doing smaller wood buildings in contrast to the earlier large brick canyons of Manchester and Dovertown. He has even created a logging operation in the wilderness section of the new area, and the whole layout has been greened out with lots of trees.

The Franklin & South Manchester is a free-lanced line set in Massachusetts in 1935. It's the most highly detailed layout ever built! This video will keep you watching to find things you missed on previous viewings. And talking about detail, George has now added many of his Fine Scale Miniature kits to the layout. You will enjoy seeing how George uses alcohol and Dullcote for weathering, makes corrugated metal look realistic, gives wood buildings his special touch and gets help building campfires.

George has produced craftsman kits for 35 years and views the F&SM as the artistic palette for all that experience. This is a Great Model Railroad because of George's ability to see and capture the meaning of a scene.

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