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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 36


Volume 36 - John Gray's Union Pacific Cheyenne Division
The Union Pacific Cheyenne Division is set in the wide open spaces of the West. This HO layout is designed to showcase the vastness of the landscape with broad curves and sweeping scenic vistas. The U.P. is a great place for John to display his large collection of brass locomotives and cars. He likes to take them out of the boxes and run them for his enjoyment and the entertainment of his guests. John considers the layout a way for him to keep alive the history of railroading especially for people who don't remember the glory days.

John is a railroad executive who shuns the modern scene in favor of the 1930s thorough the 1960s. The layout is a way to re-create historical scenes and activites that John either saw or wishes had seen.

The layout has its own building where Phil Gazzano works full time maintaining the layout and expanding it. John works on the layout as time permits, but mainly he's responsible for the overall design and direction of this massive project. The layout begins and ends in Cheyenee with Sherman Hill and Hermosa Tunnel featured out on the main. The engine facility at Cheyenne boasts a 48 stall roundhouse with an indexed turntable.

You will learn about weathering with an airbrush, indexing a turntable, maintaining steam locomotives, and making rock outcroppings from coal.

The Union Pacific Cheyenne Division is a Great Model Railroad because the scratchbuilt structures are prototype based, the vast expanses of scenery dominate the trains, and the history of railroading comes to life on its tracks.

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