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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 33


Volume 33 - Doug Tagsold's Denver, Front Range & Western
The Denver, Front Range & Western showcases modern railroading with the Rio Grande, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern.

This double-decked HO layout runs through the dramatic scenery of the Colorado Rockies.

This is big-time mountain railroading, with helpers!

You'll also see clinics on:

The layout was featured in the July and August 1999 issues of Model Railroader.


By George Ardwin
Doug Tagsold's "Denver, Front Range and Western" is HO scale and fills a 25' X 40' Basement. The era represented is about 1986. There are no steam locomotives at all, only diesel power of that time period.

The location is in the Colorado Rockies. The scenery on this layout is SPECTACULAR. Doug had help building it with his friend, Rand Hood. There are many realistic rock formations that have to be seen to be believed. One portion of the mountains includes some of the best snow scenes you will ever see.

The backgrounds are all done with photography, using pictures shot by Doug on his vacation trips out west. They worked out extremely well, and blend in with the foreground colors perfectly.

The layout is double deck with a helix, and includes FOUR staging yards. There is a functional signal system. The overall weathering on the layout is first class and very well done. The railroads represented are the RIO GRANDE, BURLINGTON NORTHERN and the SANTA FE.

As for structures, I did not see a lot of them. The mountain scenery overwhelms everything, but there are a LOT of buildings in the background photos. That's a pretty neat idea, and saves a LOT of work. The only odd thing that I noticed was a couple of bridges that did not have any roads attached to EITHER END.

The following demonstrations are shown:

If any of these demos apply to YOUR layout, this is the tape for you to watch.

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