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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 32


Volume 32 - THE Model Railroad Club of Union, New Jersey
THE Model Railroad Club of Union, New Jersey is a legend in the hobby and has provided over 50 years of innovation and enjoyment for its members and the public. The HO railroad is probably the largest club layout in the country. When the expansions are completed, the layout will be 70 x 140 feet with 500 locomotives! The current HO layout is 40 x 40 feet and is based on the railroads that served the industries and commuters of New Jersey.

The main railroad is the Hudson, Delaware and Ohio. It interchanges with the Rahway River Railroad and the Trenton Northern, an electric interurban line. The club is located on land owned by the Union County Division of Parks and Recreation. The building was constructed by club members and was given to the county in exchange for permanent occupancy. Paul Mallery, one of the hobby's pioneers, created the concept for the original club in his basement where the club met until the land became available. Paul, a prolific model railroad author, reminisces about the early days of the hobby and the club.

Other club members will show you about Centralized Traffic Control, magnetic waybills, super trees, floating turnout points and installing trolley wire.

This club is run like a business, with industrial quality components installed throughout the layout. Reliability, prototypical operation and informality are important to this Great Model Railroad!


By George Ardwin
Mr. PAUL MALLERY is a well-known writer and author of many, many articles about model railroading. He also has several books that are available from CARSTENS PUBLICATIONS. Many of you already have his "Bridge & Trestle Handbook" in your library.

This video is about "The Model Railroad Club" of Union, N. J., which PAUL started in his basement. The club has grown to be one of the largest in the country. The main layout is HO scale. The layout was designed FIRST, THEN a building was constructed BY THE MEMBERS to fit it.

The layout is all handlaid track and has a CTC panel to control it. The railroads represented are HUDSON DELAWARE & OHIO, TRENTON NORTHERN INTERURBAN LIGHT RAIL and some interchange lines.

The motive power is Diesel and Electric. The location is hilly parts of New Jersey. The structures are mostly scratchbuilt, with some kits seen. The backgrounds are hand painted.

Considering the urban settings, not many people 0Rj vehicles are evident. The ERA is a bit "up in the air". There is some traction from the 1930s, plus much up to date equipment. BUT, as lord and masters of our domain, what ever floats your boat is OK.

Overall, this is a fantastic model railroad, and I am sure is even better since this video was produced. One last item, TRY to spot the video truck that belongs to Allen Keller. He places it in most of the videos I have reviewed.

Here are the Demos shown:

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