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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 26


Volume 26 - Bob Hayden's Carrabasset & Dead River Railway
Bob Hayden's Carrabasset & Dead River Railway is HO scale and narrow gauge of 2 1/2 feet between the rails. This is a convenient way of modeling the famous Maine two foot gauge railroads. Bob uses N gauge components for track and trucks. He builds the rest of the railroad with HO components.

The C&DR is a work of art by one of the hobby's great scenery masters. Bob was instrumental in developing many of the procedures we take for granted today. His scenes give the impression of real distance because of their marvelous depth; shelf-sized scenes just don't appeal to him. The 1941 era C&DR hauls lumber and all kinds of wood products including toothpicks. It features small diesels and a few remaining steam engines.

Bob will show you how to rejuvenate scenery, use building mock-ups for planning, make your buildings removable, weather with chalk and model water with gloss medium.

Bob's interest in the prototype Maine two footers is a separate hobby from the layout. Usually modelers try to combine the two areas of interest. He's kept them independent so he can freelance and create scenes that are reminiscent of his favorite prototypes rather than model scenes "inch for inch".

The C&DR is a Great Model Railroad because of Bob's legendary model building and painting skills and his zeal for a nearly forgotten prototype that he's researched since he was a teenager.

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