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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 25


Volume 25 - The Rensselaer Model Railroad Society's New England Berkshire & Western
Here is Part 2 of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society's New England Berkshire & Western. In 1987 when we produced Great Model Railroads, Vol. 1 only about 40% of the layout was done. Now 90% is finished, and this video concentrates on the new areas.

1997 is the 50th Anniversary of the club and the 25th Anniversary of the layout. This is the 4th version of the HO layout that's been built by students and friends. Yet one man is more closely associated with the club than anyone else, John Nehrich has been involved since 1968 and now works full time for the club. He has kept the vision to build a railroad that is true to the original concept, even though the layout has been continually refined over the years.

John does how-to demonstrations on molds, casting detail parts, carving track profiles and ballasting track. There's also an explanation of how the club uses its car card system for routing traffic.

The layout features equipment from the Delaware & Hudson and the Rutland to re-create a 1950s line running between Troy and Chateaugay, NY. The mainline is over 7 scale miles.

John and the students have made the New England Berkshire & Western one of the most photogenic and popular layouts in the country. Their skill and attention to detail have made the NEB&W a Great Model Railroad.


By George Ardwin
This model railroad has been shown before in this series. In fact, it was Vol. # 1, the very first one that Allen did. That was 1987, and the layout was only 40 % finished. It's now 90% finished, and a lot of changes have been made.

The builders of this layout are the students and friends at RENSSELAER MODEL RAILROAD SOCIETY. Mr. John Nehrich guides them. The layout is HO scale and covers an area of 124' X 33'. The time frame is early fall around 1950 or so. There is a large variety of scenery, with mountains, farmland and seaside represented. The track is all handlaid. The structures are mostly scratchbuilt to represent actual buildings of that era.

I noticed a lot of vehicles on the roads but few people, that is until the beach scene was shown. It must have been a holiday or a Sunday. The usual passenger and freight service is there with both steam and diesel power hard at work. As with all the layouts in this class, the weathering and scenery are well done.

Here are the demos that are shown:

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