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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 24


Volume 24 - George Sellios' Franklin & South Manchester - II
This is Part 2 of George Sellios' fabulous Franklin & South Manchester, the most famous model railroad in the world! This is our second video devoted to the F&SM. The first was Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 covering the large urban buildings in the city of Manchester.

Vol. 24 covers the new areas of Dovertown and Bedford Falls. Dovertown is similar to Manchester with massive buildings, but Bedford Falls is a small town with 2 or 3 story wooden buildings. At Big Falls trestle the scenery goes all the way to the floor! In these areas George continued his method of just building with limited planning. This procedure seems to work well for him because that's how he designs his kits for Fine Scale Miniatures.

The F&SM represents an imaginary line in 1930s Massachusetts. George considers the HO layout his full-time job and works on it for many hours every day. Like his idol John Allen, George will continue to devote most of his waking hours to the railroad.

George, Mike Tylick and Paul Saulenas offer clinics on detailing yards, weathering rolling stock, and modifying FSM kits. George has created the F&SM as a fantasy world of model railroading with an exaggerated emphasis on detailing. He doesn't try to capture any particular prototype locomotive or building. Instead he goes for the overall effect.

George's whole life is tied up with the hobby. Most everything he does revolves around model railroading in one way or another. He has created a "Great Model Railroad" because of his extraordinary skill, and a marvelous eye for color, texture and form.


By George Ardwin
If you saw Volume TWO of this series, you got a glimpse of the fantastic FRANKLIN & SOUTH MANCHESTER RAILROAD BY George Sellios. This tape shows the construction that has taken place in the past eight years, since the first one was done.

The new section covers the DOVERTOWN and BEDFORD FALLS area. It is HO scale and the benchwork is 23 X 42 Feet. The time frame is the 1930S. The model railroad press has covered this layout very well, PLUS George Sellios himself in 1991 published a special issue. It covered the first section in detail with beautiful photographs by Dave Frary. You might be able to get a copy of it on E-bay.

Because of all the coverage this layout has had, I'll just say everything about it is outstanding, and this tape is a MUST SEE.

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