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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 23


Volume 23 - Lou Sassi's West Hoosic Division
Lou Sassi's West Hoosic Division runs between Adams, Massachusetts and Bennington, Vermont in the 1950s. This is an imaginary line operated by the Boston & Maine with an interchange for the Rutland.

The HO scale layout is famous for the craftmanship and artistry of Lou and his friends. Some of them work together on scenery and call themselves the "Tree Group". You'll enjoy seeing the fabulous scenery they've created for the railroad. Lou and Pete Darling have a 20 minute clinic on their innovative techniques. You'll learn about ground goop, foreground quality trees, and pulverized leaves.

The West Hoosic Division has been continually improved over the past 20 was renamed, the scenery was upgraded, craftsman kits and scratchbuilt structures replaced the simple kits, shake-the-box rolling stock gave way to detailed cars, and precision steam engines replaced the old equipment.

There's more to the West Hoosic than just fabulous scenery. The structures are beautifully built, detailed, painted and weathered. You'll explore the buildings and scenery with thrilling on-board shots from our camera car. You'll also have fun with our special aerial and low trackside shots.

Lou enjoys visiting other layouts while working on magazine articles. He gets to see what others are doing. This research, and a good group of friends plus Lou's artistic talent have made the West Hoosic a Great Model Railroad.


By George Ardwin
Readers Of MODEL RAILROADER magazine should be familiar with this gentleman. He has been a long time contributor, with both pictures and articles. His name is LOU SASSI.

Lou's railroad is the West Hoosic Division, and runs through Massachusetts and Vermont. It is HO scale, and covers an area of 25 X 22 feet. The era is the summer around 1950 or so.

The topography is quite hilly, which is normal for New England. The backgrounds are painted. One unusual aspect of the layout is that it stands AWAY from the wall, and is not attached to it.

The track is all handlaid and the operation is point to point. Through the years, almost everything on the layout has been upgraded, including scenery, structures and rolling stock. There are quite a few people and vehicles to be seen everywhere, and the weathering overall is excellent. This is not a one-man operation. Lou and his "gang" have built a first class layout.

There are some exceptional demonstrations on this tape, They are:

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