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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 22


Volume 22 - Roger Russell's THREE Narrow Gauge Layouts
Roger Russell does narrow gauge modeling in a big way. He has three layouts-the Sn3 Denver Rio Grande & Southern, the On3 Colorado & Southern and the 3/8"n3 Russell Creek Lumber Company. Roger has won Best of Show awards and numerous 1st Place Prizes at National Narrow Gauge Conventions in the past few years. He's a fast builder who believes in combining scales to get the right look. In fact he says he likes all scales. Maybe that's why he builds in three different scales.

The Sn3 DRG&S features an interchange with the Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Rio Grande Southern. It's a mining and logging line that showcases Durango with its famed roundhouse and depot. The DRG&S was the first of his layouts and is probably his favorite because of the Colorado scenery that reminds him of the first time he saw steam in the high country.

Roger's three railroads are the result of his fascination with Colorado narrow gauge and the surrounding scenery. In fact scenery is his main emphasis because it ties everything together. Roger is not afraid to just plunge in and begin a project. After all you can always re-do it if you don't like it.

You'll learn about Roger's scenery and detailing methods, forced perspective, modifications to switchstands, combining different scales, and tweaking locomotives for maximum performance.

All of the items on Roger's layouts are kitbashed or scratchbuilt. This contest quality modeling has resulted in three Great Model Railroads.


By George Ardwin
If you like Narrow Gauge, This is the tape to watch. Mr. Roger Russell has no less than three layouts running at the time this video was shot. They are the DENVER, RIO GRANDE & SOUTHERN in Sn3 scale. The COLORADO & SOUTHERN in On3 scale, and finally, the 3/8 scale RUSSELL CREEK LUMBER CO.

The era is 1930-40, and the season is late summer. Since the location is COLORADO, it is quite mountainous with a lot of beautiful trestle bridges. Almost EVERYTHING on the 3 layouts is scratchbuilt, including the track work and structures. The backgrounds are hand painted, and one of the outstanding features of these layouts is the amount and quality of trees that are used.

Unfortunately, no demonstration is shown of how they were made. There are not a lot of vehicles or people, but what there is, are first class, and very well done. The overall weathering is excellent.

The following demos are included:

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