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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 21


Volume 21 - Ron Kuykendall's FIVE Model Railroads!
Ron Kuykendall is a model builder who has 5 beautiful layouts. Three are HO standard gauge, the fourth is HOn3 and the fifth is Sn3. Two of the railroads, the Western Eclectic and the Southern Pacific are large, but the other 3 are small diorama type railroads. These shelf railroads prove that everybody has room for a layout.

Ron loves to build prototype models. He particularly favors re-creating the rolling stock, structures and locomotives of steam's final years by using his personal photo collection. He's particularly delighted to see his well-detailed and weathered equipment rolling through beautiful scenes.

The Western Eclectic has it's own building and features equipment from the Santa Fe, the Great Northern, and the Denver & Rio Grande Western. The layout does not represent a specific locale, but does recall the 50's with careful attention to figures and vehicles. The Southern Pacific represents California and features railroads from across the country.

Ron will show you his special weathering techniques, plus his methods for keeping your track clean and oiling steam engines. He'll also share with you some ideas to make your layout user friendly. Ron's 50 year knowledge of railroading, and his willingness to start over when he gets a brain storm of an idea have resulted in a series of Great Model Railroads.


By George Ardwin
This time around, we have FIVE railroads on one tape. The Master of this railroading empire is Mr. RON KUYKENDALL. There are three HO layouts, one HOn3 and one Sn3 that is built on a shelf.

I won't try to separate them, but rather give an overall view. Ron is a very prolific modeler. He also enjoys building beautiful rubber powered flying models, as well as plastic kits.

The Western Eclectic and the Southern Pacific are combined, yet separate, on the shared real estate. You have to watch this video to see how it works. Ron has a separate 20' X 30' building to house his layouts, which are HO Scale mostly. The location is 1940-5 California hill country. No large mountains here to speak of.

There are quite a few small towns and a larger city. The structures are mostly kitbashed or scratchbuilt, which is something Ron enjoys a lot. He has been modeling since 1941, and is a bachelor. (no "honey do" list to-take up valuable time) He also enjoys doing research and is pretty handy with a camera.

There are both steam and diesel engines, plus a trolley line. The layouts are highly detailed with a LOT of vehicles on the streets. Here are quite a few demos and other subjects that Ron talks about:

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