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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 16


Volume 16 - Bob Brown's Tuolumne Forks Railroad
Bob Brown's Tuolumne Forks Railroad combines the charm of a logging and mining operation with the passenger traffic of a tourist line. This free-lanced On3 railroad is justifiably famous among the narrow gauge faithful.

When he's not working on the railroad, Bob is the editor of the Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, a magazine noted for top quality modeling. Bob and the magazine are responsible for developing a worldwide fellowship of fine modelers. Because narrow gauge modeling is so appealing, Bob has devoted his life to it.

The Tuolumne Forks is an operating diorama that showcases Bob's extraordinary eye for color and detail. The structures, scenery, locomotives, and rolling stock all have the quaint look so important to narrow gauge modeling. And he'll share some of these techniques with you. You'll learn about making detailed clutter, pouring epoxy "water", handlaying track, and staining and painting.

The Tuolumne Forks is a Great Model Railroad because of Bob's ability to see the detailed clutter of life as art, and his expertise to create scenes that stay in the mind's eye.


By George Ardwin
If you enjoy Narrow Gauge Railroading, you will recognize the name of BOB BROWN. Bob is the editor of NARROW GAUGE & SHORTLINE GAZETTE. His layout is On3 gauge, and is mostly free-lanced.

The "TUOLUMNE FORKS RAILROAD" is located in a western location, and covers the 1930 - 1940 era. There are hills and flatland, but no mountains. Bob says they take up too much room. The season is summer, and the background is painted blue sky only. The structures are both scratchbuilt and kits. There are quite a few vehicles and people that are very well detailed.

Track is all handlaid, except for some that is hidden. The motive power includes Steam, Gas, and Diesel. Everything is weathered very nicely. Bob says that including a sound system has made his layout even more enjoyable.

Here are the Demonstrations shown:

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