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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 10


Volume 10 - The N Scale Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid
The Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid is undoubtedly the most famous N scale layout ever built. The Reid brothers have taken a 22X40 foot area and built a railroad that not only looks fabulous but runs with the reliability of the larger scales. You'll learn some of their methods for obtaining this level of performance


The CVS is actually a system of 5 railroads-the Western Maryland, the Pennsylvania, the Norfolk & Western, the Reading and the B&O. Only the WM and the Pennsy are fully modeled, the other roads provide interchange traffic and operating interest.

Bill and Wayne have designed the layout so the scenery dominates the trains thus creating a feeling of distance. They'll show you tips for tracklaying, rock carving, and kitbashing structures.

Bill and Wayne enjoy working on and sharing this layout with each other; both contribute expertise and ideas. In fact their interest in model railroading is a common bond they enjoy sharing with others. The two brothers are prophetic proponents for the on- going improvements in N scale.

The Reids have modified the layout over the years to improve operation. They've never been afraid to use new techniques or to rip out completed sections. In the process they've created a Great Model Railroad.


By George Ardwin
Two Brothers, Bill & Wayne Reid, Have constructed a miniature world of railroading that is one of the top N scale layouts in the country. It was started in 1976, and covers an area of 22' X 40'.

It's called the Cumberland Valley System, and includes basically two railroads: Western Maryland R.R., and the Pennsylvania R.R. However, they have included interchanges with the Norfolk & Western, Reading, and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads. The era represented is 1952-53 timeline. There is both Steam and Diesel power, and both freight and passenger service is provided.

The locale is Eastern U.S. and includes Mountains, Rivers, [which means lots of bridges] and several small towns. The Rock work in the mountains is absolutely the best there is, and a great demo of how to do it is shown. The backgrounds are hand painted, and done very well. The structures are scratchbuilt, kitbashed with a few straight kits where they served a need.

The overall weathering is not overdone, and looks just right for this scale.

Here are a few of the demos and subjects mentioned:

Guys, there's plenty of good info on this tape to keep you busy for a while.

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