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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 9


Volume 9 - Rick Rideout's L&N Henderson Subdivision
Rick Rideout's L&N Henderson Subdivision is big-time modern railroading with a single track main protected by Centralized Traffic Control. The 35x70 foot HO layout re-creates the line between Evansville and Nashville with connections to Chicago and St. Louis. This area is noted for its heavy bridge traffic between the North and the South. This is a railfan's railroad designed for up-close viewing of all the action.

Rick has built operating searchlight signals so operators can work their assignments with minimal direction from the dispatcher. Signals, detection circuits and the fast clocks are controlled by a computer that also checks on the condition of all switch machines and track power circuits.

You'll tour the L&N with a hot-shot piggyback train, and enjoy the flawless operation of a mixed freight as it carries out its switching chores. Rick will show you his unusual method for building sub-roadbed, how to kitbash structures, and how to use fiber optics for signals.

You'll enjoy Rick's use of a walkaround trackplan to achieve maximum operation, and learn from the innovative methods that make the L&N Henderson Subdivision a Great Model Railroad.


By George Ardwin
A gentleman named Rick Rideout has an interesting story to tell about his model railroading adventures. His HO scale railroad is the L & N Henderson Subdivision. He built his new house especially for the train layout. It covers an area of 35 feet by 70 feet. The era is the 1970-75 timeline.

Rick used flextrack mounted on homosote. He has a special way of laying track, which he shows in some detail. He uses command control, CTC board and a computer to keep it all running smoothly. The motive power is all diesels, with the names of L & N, Burlington, and Illinois Central seen on the locomotives.

The overall weathering is very well done. The background is handled with blue sky and trees as a view block. Not very many vehicles or figures are to be seen. The trains are the main attraction.

Many of the structures are kitbashed. Rick has used the prototype railroad as a guide, and it has worked out quite well. It has the right "flavor" for the modeled areas without actually building many of the actual structures.

While building this layout, Rick made quite a few special items that he needed. He decided to make those items available to the public, and so "RICK'S PRODUCTS" was born. I have several of his products slated for my own layout. Rick stated that he does not superdetail his freight cars, as they get handled a lot and get broken easily.

The following demos are included:

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