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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 3


Volume 3 - The Model Railroads of Dean Freytag and C.J. Riley
Dean Freytag and C.J. Riley, two master model railroaders, bring you their home layouts. Dean's South Ridge Lines is home to the steel industry and his nationally-honored, scratchbuilt structures. C.J.'s Kanawha & Western Allegheny hauls coal from the mountains of West Virginia to the steel making furnaces of the Ohio Valley.

We'll take you onboard for spectacular shots from an engineer's perspective. You'll also enjoy aerials and exciting trackside shots.

Dean's layout features specialized rolling stock, blast furnaces, and an operating humpyard. C.J.'s railroad is based on the Western Maryland and travels rural Appalachia.

Both Dean and C.J. will show you some of their special techniques. Dean demonstrates the weathering of a mill gondola and how he finds new uses for household items. C.J. builds a forest in a small vertical space, and colors a structure without paint. You're sure to enjoy all the railroad action and inspiration in this tribute to two outstanding modelers. HO Scale.


By George Ardwin
This time, we get two reviews for the price of one. The first one is Dean Freytag's "South Ridge Line". It is HO scale, and is a basement layout 13' X 38' in size.

I do not recall any mention of the track type or size used. He does have open grid, L girder benchwork.

The motive power includes Steam, Diesel, a trolley line and even a doodlebug.

The topography has quite a few mountains, hills and rivers, along with the necessary bridges to get from here to there.

The time of year is in the Fall, and includes many colorful trees. The backgrounds are hand painted.

The main focus point of the layout is the huge, highly detailed Steel Industry. It was very well researched by Dean, and he has an "insiders knowledge" of how it works. The complete operation is there, from raw materials to the finished product. This one industry is a work of art.

Dean has worked with several manufacturers in the modeling field to help them produce model railroad cars for the steel mills. These are specialty cars not massed produced for the average train layout.

Most of the structures are scratchbuilt or kitbashed. One other item that you don't see too much, is a working hump yard.

Dean only gave one demo, but does talk about other subjects.

Now, onto layout #2 on this tape.

(This is the "Kanawha & Western Allegheny R.R." Built by C.J. Riley. It is based on the Western Maryland R.R., in 1942 era.)

This railroad supplies coal and coke for the steel mill on Dean's layout.

The season is also in the fall, and is located in the coalfields of West Virginia.

The topography is also mountainous and includes several small towns. The rockwork on this layout is outstanding. The trees are very well done also.

Backgrounds are hand painted, and the overall weathering of structures is very well done. Speaking of structures, they are mostly scratchbuilt, but I also saw several kits included.

The following demos are shown.

These two layouts are both very well done. There is a lot to learn from both of these fine gentlemen.

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