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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 2


Volume 2 - George Sellios' Franklin South Manchester - Part 1
The Franklin & South Manchester, one of the greatest model railroads ever built, is the creation of professional model builder George Sellios. Because of George's talents you'll see something new each time you watch this fabulous program. You'll ride on board and then go airborne for some helicopter rides over the city of Manchester. That's the best way to see the F&SM where the 20 story buildings are the scenery.

You'll tour the layout behind a Mogul powered passenger and a Mountain powered freight, from one end of the 22 x 7 foot layout to the other. Although the F&SM is HO scale, George Sellios, the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, has created a railroad that exists as surely as Chicago or New York did in the 1930s.

George will give you 8 clinics on his time-proven methods. He covers painting and weathering a brick structure, applying printed signs, superdetailing, creating a realistic harbor scene, improving the appearance of flextrack, finding the right spot for a structure, building city streetsl, and quickly making realistic fences.

You're sure to enjoy the scenery and trains on the F&SM where the craftsmanship goes beyond superdetailing. You can see our second visit to this fabulous railroad - with even more of the layout completed - in Volume 24, and our THIRD visit in Volume 39.


By George Ardwin
The Franklin & South Manchester is an HO Scale Masterpiece built mainly by George Sellios. He did have some help from a few friends. The size of this first section is about 22' X 7' in size.

The location is East Boston in 1935, which was the height of the depression. The topography of this section of the layout is basically flat and contains city scenes with many huge buildings. The detailing of everything has to be seen to be believed. John Allen, who had built the "Gorre & Daphetid" R. R. was the inspiration for George. This layout, (like John's) is truly WORLD CLASS.

Because of the way this layout was built, very little of the background can be seen. The benchwork is T Girder, and uses code 55 and 70 flextrack. George uses DYNATROL to control the motive power, which is brass steam locomotives.

EVERYTHING on this layout is heavily weathered. The detailing is fantastic. George happens to own a company called "FINE SCALE MINIATURES", so he has boatloads of materials to work with.

Most of the structures are scratchbuilt, FSM Kits or kitbashed commercial kits. The overall look is unlike anything else you have ever seen.

The following demonstrations are shown, some more than others:

Everyone that is interested in model railroads HAS to watch this video.

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