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Great Model Railroads By Allen Keller Vol. # 1


Volume 1 - The New England Berkshire Western of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society - 1
The New England Berkshire Western of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is truly a world class HO layout. On board shots from the cab, and from the top of a boxcar will add to your enjoyment of this superb layout. You'll seen scenes the builders of this railroad have never seen before.

The era is the early 50's. The country and the railroads are at full capacity; the NEB&W is swept along with this burgeoning economy. The line's people and equipment are overworked. Dispatchers try to cram as much traffic as they can on the single track main. Steam still reigns on the NEB&W although diesels are nosing into the roundhouse. These indeed are good years.

You'll follow the hotshot milk train from one end of railroad to the other as it meets other trains and does some switching. Dispatchers make sure this train has the right of way.

Some of today's most talented modelers have built this 124x33 foot layout. John Nehrich, Jeff English, and Todd Sullivan will show you some of the special techniques that they used. You're sure to get helpful ideas and inspiration as you enjoy this exciting program.


By George Ardwin
The New England, Berkshire & Western R. R. is an HO scale layout that covers 124' X33'. It is located in the basement of a dormitory, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute inTroy, N.Y.

The layout is an ongoing project for the students and faculty, plus alumna. With such a potpourri of talent to draw on, this layout is a sight to behold. The era that it covers is basically the early fifties. The motive power is mostly steam engines with a few of those new fangled diesel units thrown in for good measure.

The steam power is all brass, and the diesels are plastic. The engines all have the NEB&W logo on them.

Considering the time frame that this layout was built, the scenery is spectacular and very well thought out. The colors on the trees suggest the season as early fall. The clouds in the sky look absolutely real.

The topography of the layout includes both mountains and flat areas that represent the actual places modeled. In fact, the structures are either scratchbuilt or highly modified kits.

The backgrounds appear to have both photographic AND painted scenes, although it's hard to tell which is which at times. The weathering is very well done, but there are a few areas that no weathering was done at all. By now, that may well have changed.The following demos are included:

It was also discussed how the club operates with such a high turnover of members. As with all Keller videos, this is a must see.

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