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CSX Mountain Sub


Up, Over, Around & Through!

Powerful diesels pull hard on strings of loaded coal hoppers, lifting them up steep mountain grades; manned helpers assist on the rear. Smoke pours from their stacks as mighty diesels lug heavy tonnage through twisting curves, past color position light signals. The daily routine is almost as timeless as the mountains themselves. Merchandise freights Q317 and Q316 also make daily appearances across the mountainous terrain of West Virginia and Maryland.

The battle to keep traffic flowing over Newburg, Cheat, Cranberry, and Seventeen Mile - the legendary grades of Baltimore & Ohio's famous Mountain Sub - is what this show is all about. Starting in Grafton, West Virginia we follow CSX action east across the Alleghenies to Altamont, Maryland. From the tower at West Keyser we track westbound trains working up Seventeen Mile grade. The struggle is not just uphill; easing heavy tonnage down these dangerous slopes is even more demanding.

Shot over three seasons, this program is rich with magnificent fall colors, gorgeous winter scenes with deep snow, and the intense greens of spring. The Appalachian wonderland comes to life as trains follow twisting rails up, over, around, and through CSX's enduring Mountain Sub.

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