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Conrail's Horse Shoe Curve


Conrail's Horse Shoe Curve
Since its completion in 1854, Horse Shoe Curve in central Pennsylvania has been one of America's most famous train watching locations. Railfans and the general public have visited "Horse Shoe Curve" by the thousands over its one hundred and thirty-five year history.

Originally built with four tracks by the Pennsylvania Railroad, Conrail, the new tenant of Horse Shoe Curve, removed one of the tracks in 1981. With three tracks Horse Shoe Curve is still a busy place seeing anywhere from forty to sixty trains per day. Almost half of those trains can be seen during daylight hours.

And trains you'll see, at Alto Tower in Altoona, Benny, the Gallitzin Twin Tunnels, AR Tower, MO Tower in Cresson, and battling their way through Horse Shoe Curve itself. If you like contemporary big time railroading this Pentrex tape is for you, on the grand-daddy of all railfan locations, Horse Shoe Curve.

75 Minutes In Color with Live Audio and Narration
Produced by Pentrex 1989

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