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At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 1:


The San Bernardino Subdivision - Los Angeles to San Bernardino

With the camera secured to the front of an eastbound stack train and the scenic landscapes of the BNSF San Bernardino Subdivision stretching before you, you're "at the throttle" and about to experience a train ride like no other! In this show, you'll get a truly unique, railroader's perspective of the 65 miles between Hobart Yard in Los Angeles and the city of San Bernardino. This line supports Amtrak, Metrolink, and heavy BNSF freight action, and you'll see plenty of this as you ride the rails. Beginning with an early departure on a beautiful spring day in 2008, you'll leave Hobart Yard, cautiously observing the 10-mile per hour speed limit until the entire train is on the mainline and the engineer can bring the heavy train up to speed. Running southeast past Pico Rivera, Los Nietos Junction, and La Mirada to Fullerton, you'll get to observe the routing procedures that support the Amtrak Pacific Surfliners, westbound freights, and Metrolink commuter trains that compete for track space. Moving east past the Fullerton Station, you'll slip past one of three remaining Santa Fe cantilever signals and head toward the horseshoe bend in Santa Ana Canyon. At West Riverside, UP joins the BNSF rails for the trip over Cajon Pass. By the time you reach the San Bernardino Station, enough daylight remains to give you a start onto the Cajon Sub to Devore. This has been no conventional cab ride; this has been an unobstructed view of the line that few people will ever experience! Welcome to Volume 1 - you're At the Throttle!

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2 Hours 27 Minutes

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