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Above Southern California Rails


Above Southern California Rails

Get ready for the ultimate railfan video as Pentrex takes you into the skies to experience Southern California railroading as it's never been seen before! Climb aboard a jet helicopter loaded with state-of-the-art, gyro-stabilized video equipment. Then soar skyward to enjoy sweeping panoramas, pace speeding locomotives, and get incredible aerial views of long curving trains.

Skim over the blue Pacific Ocean as we follow Amtrak trains and BNSF freights along the "Surf Line" near San Clemente. Check out the newly-rebuilt BNSF yards in San Bernardino and examine UP's West Colton Yard. Race the Talgo trainset as it travels through the Los Angeles area. Then swing over to the harbor area for a bird's-eye view of container operations and the brand new coal facility.

The weather is crystal clear and there are plenty of trains to be seen. You'll marvel at the ultra-smooth, incredibly close, breathtaking photography as our helicopter cruises above these fast freight and passenger trains. This video offers a perspective like no other. Everyone will be talking about it!

42 Minutes - In Color with Appropriate Stereo Sound and Narration

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